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Big Brain Technical Solutions is a full-service Business Analysis, Workflow Development and Media Design company.


Headquartered in Texas with satellite locations in Nevada and Spain.

The Big Brain team includes talented developers and designers that utilize various Microsoft products including Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI and Nintex.

Along with the development team, Big Brain also has a media design team consisting of award winning graphic artists, illustrators, layout artists, motion graphic professionals, photographers, filmmakers, voice talent, 3D artists and marketing professionals to offer Big Brain clients, a full-service business solution from internal workflow to external marketing and everything in-between.


Big Brain services include; development of internal confidential document processing, internal communications, vender integration, external marketing, cross platform branding, product design, 3D concept design, website development, video production, motion graphics, info graphics and 3D animation design just to name a few.

Contact Big Brain today to see how we can custom design a solution for your company or organization today so you can be successful tomorrow.


Shelley Bradshaw

Founder & Lead Developer


Look at that Big Brain on Shelley! Not only does she enjoy tasty Big Kahuna burgers with a refreshing lemon-lime beverage, this native Oregonian has been a Business Analyst and SharePoint Developer for well over 15 years!


Her love and passion for precise and ease-of-use client workflows has propelled her to the top of her career field.

Since moving abroad in 2018 she has enjoyed working as a successful freelance developer. She now owns and operates Big Brain Technical Solution.

Working tirelessly alongside talented employees locally and across the globe, she has built a strong, dynamic team, to complete contracts on time and within budget.

Business Analyst

Mistie Fowlks

Business Analyst / SharePoint Developer

I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration? Oh, you were finished. Well allow me to retort...

You were looking for that Business Analyst and SharePoint Developer with a background in Education that holds a Bachelors Degree. Yup that's Mistie.

Business Analysis you say.... well that's her strong point. Disciplined, detailed and knowledgable, Mistie will meticulously gather information from your team to help simplify the life of your employees, vendors and management.

Mistie has been successfully developing Sharepoint sites and workflows for well over 3 years with Big Brain, giving clients exactly what is needed by building simplified forms/workflows and SharePoint sites that the end-user will actually enjoy using.

Speaking of teams, Mistie has been educating our youth into productive citizens for over 13 years before joining our Big Brain team. Her experience as an education specialist brings a unique perspective to your project, knowing how to parse information into tasty bitesized morsels the novice is even confident to consume.


Drew Inkster

SharePoint Developer


Much like Hamburgers: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. Drew is the cornerstone of any successful project, this native Texan has been a professional SharePoint Developer for well over 3 years.

He has a meticulous attention to detail and takes pride in developing efficient workflows. He enjoys the challenge of a well designed form that not only functions accurately but is also intuitive for the user. Its this combination that makes Drew the developer you want for your next project. 

His background in manufacturing and operations gives Drew a unique edge over other designers as he understands business processes, manufacturing lines, research and development, consumables and logistics.

Drew has enjoyed working as a successful freelance developer along side Shelley and with the rest of the Big Brains team for the last 3 years. His completion of many successful projects has earned him the reputation of a swift and accurate developer and an integral part of the Big Brains SharePoint team. 


Morrison Fowlks

Technical Intern


Where's Zed?  Zed's dead baby Zed's in line to that shiny chopper is no doubt Morrison, we acquired this brainiac because genius just run in the Fowlks family.


Morrison's internship was as priceless for Big Brains as a glowing black briefcase, if we could keep working him to the bone programming with Python we would, but he has a bigger future out there with a bigger company no doubt.


Morrison conducted many dataset analyses to help us gather insight in everyday operations using models and other algorithms. These included k-means clustering in SAS, hierarchical clustering, random forest models, logistic regression models, K-Nearest Neighbors, Bootstrapping, and many other scientific approaches to data.

He is extremely skilled with, Python, C++, Ruby, linear and logistic regressions, decision trees, support vector machines (SVM),  k-means clustering, hierarchical clustering, Excel, Jupyter Notebook, Blender and GLEW Library (OpenGL) just to name a few.

Developer / Media Manager

Mike Bradshaw

SharePoint Developer / Media Manager

Like Vincent is to Jules, as is Mike to Shelley; Mike has a long list of technical and creative achievements in his 30+ years of media design.

Most recently however, Mike has been building SharePoint sites utilizing 365 out of the box techniques as well as Nintex. Relying heavily on his business analysis experience of entraptanuralship as well as employee management he's able to build extensive lists, forms and workflows that are efficient and user intuitive.

When it comes to media management Mike is center stage at Jack Rabbit Slim's so to speak.

Winning awards internationally and managing multinational teams in harsh and dangerous work environments all over the globe.  He's an accomplished hands on manager with working knowledge of industry standard software and equipment. An accomplished photographer and video director Mike has the ability to turn a storyboard into a finished product on time and on budget.


Having Mike's knowledge and experience on the team, gives Big Brains an edge over its competitors by maintaining a higher level of creativity and efficiency for your next project.



USA: +1 (503) 894 7372

SPAIN: +34 610 04 82 29

Portland, Oregon USA

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